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How it's made, matters.

At Summerboat, we work with several artisans, each decked with a unique skill than others. Our artisans make us who we are, and are the strongest pillar of our strength. 

The process of manufacturing products has three fundamental principles - To do what is best for the environment, the artisans and the customers. With every new product or design that Summerboat takes upon, we circle back to what makes us who we are, our principles.

The Fabric

All our designs are printed on cotton or khadi materials. Cotton is naturally safer for the skin as well as the environment, compared to its counterparts.The roots of hand-woven Khadi can be traced decades back in traditional weaving techniques. 

Choosing to opt for Khadi came from a compassionate place of encouraging the traditional hand-weaving industry, which is on the verge of endangerment. Employing khadi artisans improved their standard of living, lifestyle and promotes reserve migration. The cherry on the cake, Khadi fabric reduces carbon footprint as it is entirely hand-woven. It is durable, harmless to the skin and exceedingly environment friendly!

The Blocks

The blocks used for printing are of reused and recycled wood. We source our wood from local furniture marts and carpentry businesses and have tie-ups with small-scale farms and woodworks who ship their left-over and unusable stock to us. 


The designs are carved on the surface of the wooden blocks in a way that it protrudes from the facade. The intricate carving required here is why wood is preferred than any other materials.

The Printing

The dyes we use are azo-free which does not contain any harmful chemical so its very safe to work with for our artisans as well as very environment friendly.  


The process of dipping the blocks in colour and carefully placing them on the fabric with absolute precision is the result of the sheer talent and craftsmanship of the artisans. The process sure is time-consuming, but the rewards are plenty!

When we decided to venture with Summerboat, we aimed at creating a holistic ecosystem of ethical manufacturing. Right from our procurement to our processes, from our designs to our artisans, we made sure that we are in line with our fundamentals. 

We aspired to build a platform for the artisans to utilize their craftsmanship and reap better rewards compared to the competitive labour market. And to educate our consumers about slow, ethical and mindful fashion. 

We want to express our gratitude to you for encouraging the traditional art of block printing and choosing to make small, ethical choices that have a vast long-term impact.

Happy Shopping!